House Of Vans is one of the year’s biggest events in the skate community; each event captures the interest of thousands of skate enthusiasts around the world. Here are 5 reasons why you need to get off your mobile phone and get down to the House Of Vans to experience the skate culture vibes.

Vans_HOV_3rd release_Christian Hosoi

  1. Skate and Hang with Our Skate Homies

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a stranger to skate, you will definitely find yourself a spot at the House Of Vans. Soak up the skate vibes, go grab a beer, waffle and hang with Vans skate team and homies – They’re always welcoming newcomers!

Vans_HOV_3rd release_skate with homies
Vans_HOV_3rd release_skate with homies2

  1. Get Inspired and Unlock New Tricks

Bowls, Stairs and Handrails and Ledges – House Of Vans combines street and park elements in a compact and functional area that’s approachable for beginners and wont bore the intermediate to advanced users. You can be the first to try, or watch and learn from the pros – you may unlock a few new tricks!

Vans_HOV_3rd release_Chris Bradley
Vans_HOV_3rd release_Tyson

  1. Skateboards and New Shoes for Trying Out

House Of Vans is the best place for rookies who need gear. Join the skate classes with our pro-riders, we offer board and protective gear loaning to get you started. You can also try our new pro skate shoes – we’ve got shoes with different types of performance features and styles. Take this chance to try your hand in skate at the House Of Vans.

Vans_HOV_3rd release_skate gear

  1. Skate Good, Dress Good

We urge people to be true and express themselves, encouraging them to step outside their comfort zone to create their own trends. Fashion has always admired this spirit and message, an ideal that is rooted in skateboarding. Visit the House Of Vans and be up to date of street fashion by checking out our skater’s gear for some inspiration and style tips.

Vans_HOV_3rd release_skate good dress good
Vans_HOV_3rd release_skate good dress good_2

  1. Events, Prizes and Giveaways

House Of Vans knows how to throw a party, whether it’s a skate session, gig or an art show. At each event we have a ton of giveaways and cash prizes; we also invite the best skaters to travel to the House Of Vans for free – Show up and get amongst it, there something for everybody.

Vans_HOV_3rd release_prizes_1

Whether you’re a long time skateboarder or just a passing fan, House Of Vans is a one of a kind destination you can’t afford to miss. Come and experience the true ‘Off The Wall’ Spirit.

Check out our website for more upcoming House Of Vans happening in Asia!