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What is it? How can I attend?

House of Vans is where “Off The Wall” lives! It is the spirit of the Vans brand comes to life, it’s a place where imagination lets loose over concrete bowls, art installations, workshops and concert stages, inspiring every person who runs, rolls or stomps through its door. Make sure you check out the latest schedule of this year’s House Of Vans Asia Tour at vans.com/houseofvansasia and plan your trip!


Here’s why you need to add House of Vans to your ‘must do’ list this year:


1. Dream of designing your own Vans shoes? You know where to go!

House of Vans is a place where you can fully express yourself creatively, and you’re given many ways to bring your ideas to life on to Vans shoes. Join Vans Asia Custom Culture Competition by applying your designs to a DIY-Authentic shoe template from the workshop station where you have a chance to turn your sketches into a real Vans shoe design! Want a chance to learn from an artist? You’re welcome to join the shoe customization workshops with our invited artists and designers like Mr. Sabotage, they are here to share ideas and inspiration with you.
HOV Asia Tour_Custom Culture

HOV Asia Tour_DIY Authentic

2. Diversity of music, and vibes that you don’t want to miss!

Each House of Vans show has a different taste of music; We invite both international acts and local rising musicians like J-Fever to play at the House Of Vans, the venue is also a stage for the Musicians Wanted Competition – bands from different Asia cities will come to perform live from the House of Vans with a wide range of music style, from punk rock to hip hop and we’re sure that they will never disappoint.
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3. Learn to skate with our team riders and meet the Vans legends

You don’t need to be a pro-skater to try your hand at skating. We offer free skateboarding classes led by our local riders to teach you everything from the basics, just try out and have fun! There’re also very special chances to meet with skateboarding legends like Tony Alva and Steve Caballero – this doesn’t come all the time but make sure you won’t miss if it happens.
HOV Asia Tour_Vans rider_Luk Chun Yin

HOV Asia Tour_Steve Caballero

HOV Asia Tour_with Vans Legends

4. Workshops that allow you to fully express yourself

We give you a chance to experiment something that you don’t usually have chance to do in daily basics. Screen printing a tote bag with Idlebeats , or learn to repurposed skate deck into furniture with Start From Zero ,we guarantee you will have a fun time – all you need to do is keep an eye on our houseofvansasia.com and sign up to join all of our workshops.
HOV Asia Tour_skate deck funiture workshop

HOV Asia Tour_silk screen workshop

5. There is no better place than House Of Vans to experience street culture

House of Vans is taking place in cities across Asia and where else is better to experience the local culture? Be ready to meet the best “Off The Wall” talent in each city, featuring unique F&B artisans and street fashion advocates, you can also check out various street artworks created by local artists. Don’t forget to grab a waffle enjoy a beer and get to know these “Off The Wall” people.
HOV Asia Tour_skate deck painting

HOV Asia Tour_skate deck painting_2

Well, there are definitely more reasons to get you into the House Of Vans Asia Tour, why don’t you tell us the best reason after visiting us?