House of Vans has finished in Hong Kong with a bang! Touching down in the heart of the city at the Central Harborfront Event Space, with Victoria Harbor and the lights of Central’s skyscrapers as a backdrop, Vans brought a packed two-day carnival of skate, music, art and street culture to the crowds through the “Off the Wall” spirit.

2017_House Of Vans Hong Kong_highlight 1

With a roster of activities suitable for all ages, House of Vans featured a number of musical bands from around Asia alongside local artists and creative collectives. A skate area, carnival-style games booths and a series of workshops rounded out the festive atmosphere of the creative hotspot.

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Over two days, House of Vans attracted over 14,000 visitors to take in the best of the Asian music scene, including ToNick and KB (Hong Kong), Trash (Taiwan), DTSQ (South Korea), Cooper (Hong Kong), Sugar Bro (Hong Kong), Zpecial (Hong Kong), DoughBoy (Hong Kong), etc.

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Apart from the large-scale concerts, the Vans Stoop Series brought a free skate arena to the glitz and glamor of the city’s financial hub. The 5th Game of L.E.D.G.E. competition held there drew throngs of spectators to witness the eventual crowning of Vans Hong Kong team member Luk Chun Ying as this year’s champion. Otherwise, the arena held free-for-all sessions as well as skate lessons by AHKSA, drawing newcomers and seasoned pros alike to experience the culture for themselves.

2017_House Of Vans Hong Kong_skate 2
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This year, House of Vans continued to collaborate with Hkranking to organize a creative flea market in support of local independent artisans, providing them with a platform to showcase their handiworks and connect with the public at large.

The arts are one of the fundamental pillars of House of Vans, and is key to its mission is to bring out artistic talents from a range of different fields and regions. Vans invited local urban art initiative HKWALLS to collaborate on a maze of murals that was put together by the city’s foremost talents in art.

2017_House Of Vans Hong Kong_art maze 1

Since 2010, Vans has supported arts education and fostered youth creativity through its Custom Culture initiative. This year marks the first time that Custom Culture has touched down in Asia, taking another important step in expanding the platform for supporting creativity worldwide. At the event, Vans enthusiasts were able to experience the joy of designing their own Vans Authentic silhouette using paper.

2017_House Of Vans Hong Kong_custom culture workshop

Vans has always been a proponent for workshops. This year’s House of Vans saw the likes of Singapore-based sneaker customizer SBTG leading the Custom Vans Workshop; LAB by Dimension Plus hosting a workshop to create a miniature vinyl record player; woodworking outfit Start From Zero passing on their carpentry skills; and Light With Shade teaching the intricacies of creating a DIY lamp.

2017_House Of Vans Hong Kong_custom vans workshop
2017_House Of Vans Hong Kong_DIY light workshop
2017_House Of Vans Hong Kong_turntable workshop
2017_House Of Vans Hong Kong_woodwork workshop

Lastly, Vans invited three of the city’s most innovative restaurants – Little Bao, Rhoda and Le Garçon Saigon – to bring their crowd-pleasing, California-inspired recipes to the SK-8 Shack food area. Their mouthwatering dishes and specially-made cocktails kept concert-goers fed and watered over an enviable musical line-up.

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