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Vans will mark another historic moment as the first ever winner of the Vans Asia Custom Culture Competition will be announced this October. Starting from public submission to the House Of Vans Asia Tour showdown, 6 talented contenders from China, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and India to the final stage where they created their final shoe design with their mentors.

Vans Asia Custom Culture group photo at House Of Vans SH_2(Photo: Vans Asia Custom Culture group photo at the House Of Vans Shanghai)

Vans Asia Custom Culture group photo at House Of Vans Seoul(Photo: Vans Asia Custom Culture group photo at the House Of Vans Seoul)

The 6 final contenders meet their mentors, Lin Wenxin from China, Original Punk from Korea, Star-From-Zero from HongKong,Fritilldea from Malaysia, Mr Sabotage from Singapore, Varsha Nair from India, to co-create their final Vans Authentic shoe. The winner of this year’s competition will be granted the opportunity to host a workshop at House Of Vans London, while the winning design Vans Authentic to debut on shelves Asia-wide in 2018!

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“We are incredibly excited to announce the 6 contenders of Vans Asia Custom Culture, Felix from China, Young from Korea, Taka from HongKong, Khiddir Baharudin from Malaysia, Edmund from Singapore and Anaghaa from India, to celebrate the wins and meet their mentors at House Of Vans Shanghai and Seoul in September. We created a platform to empower and inspire creative individuals to express themselves through art and design, from over 15,000 online submissions and 2 rounds of public votes, also the help of experience & influential judges, we have concluded the 6 talented artists to compete the final round Vans Asia Custom Culture Competition.” Said Lizzy Yao, Brand Communication Director of Vans APAC.

The final shoe design created together by the finalists and their artist mentors during House Of Vans are now being showcased on, public voting and judging panel will determine the final winner. Check out the design from each artist and support to your favorite one by voting before October 4th!


Designed by Felix I China

“The initial idea of this design is to make it appealing to a large audience while also bring the Vans spirit alive. The reason I used this color combination is because I want to design a pair of summer shoes. It is mainly green, dotted by red, with a little watermelon feeling…” [Read more]



Designed by Kim Young Hyun I Korea

“My design is inspired by comics, is a bit different from what people see in popular comics. This idea I came up with can be easily executed on a pair of Authentic shoes. I wanted to make a scary character in a witty situation, in order to maximize the humorous atmosphere…” [Read more]



Designed by Taka I Hong Kong

“First things first, it’s got to be something I would wear. I like to wear simple colored shoes for ease of outfit matching; I wanted to create something for everyday use, yet as an artist, it has to be a recognizable shoe that was designed by me…” [Read more]


Designed by Khiddir Baharudin I Malaysia

“My design was inspired by how Vans has influenced the people in different parts of Asia. The design portrays shows different cultures in Asia, with people from Malaysia, Singapore, China, India & Korea where it focuses on traditional outfits, transportations and architectures with 60s & 70s…”[Read more]


Designed by Edmund Seah I Singapore

“As an artist, I paint on various platforms bringing the style and flow of the Japanese craft onto different media apart from the skin. I do not merely want to input a pretty image without flow and form…”[Read more]


Designed by Anaghaa Chakrapani I India

“My inspiration for the shoe was the local essence of the places I’ve travelled. I’ve travelled to major cities in Asia. The elements in my shoe are inspired by the things I observed and loved in the Asian region and my motherland India…” [Read more]

The Vans Asia Custom Culture Competition 2017 has collected over 15,000 designs since this April. Aside from producing the yearly winning design, Vans also awards a monthly winner to encourage creative self-expression. Log on to and get inspired.