Vans X QQ Speed #The Take Over# Event —2017 House of Vans London ended successfully in the House of Vans permanent venue under London Waterloo Station yesterday. The crossover cooperation with Tencent’s flagship racing game QQ Speed not only offered wonderful activities in the areas of skateboarding, art, music, and street culture for Vans followers, but also invited the best band from 2017 Vans X QQ Speed #The Take Over# Musician Wanted Competition Event to land in London. They performed on the stage together with British emerging indie band Spring King and Croox DJ, providing a weekend of entertainment for Vans fans that integrated eastern and western cultures.

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On November 11, hundreds of skaters and youngsters gathered under London Waterloo Station. Vans specially invited 6 skaters from Europe and China to the site to showcase their impressive skateboarding skills in the House Of Vans skatepark in London. Our Vans skaters also offered skateboarding introductory courses to eventgoers. Even though London is a city with long history of skateboarding, many people who came to the event saw live skateboarding for the first time that day. Under the personal direction of seasoned skaters, Vans fans experienced the extraordinary feeling of standing on a skateboard for their first time. After their introductory course they started wandering about in the skatepark to get a taste for the thrill of skateboarding.

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This House of Vans London event specially set up Asian Culture Art exhibitions, which exhbited Vans Asia limited products including a new Chinese Lunar New Year Zodiac series with unique Chinese cultural characteristics, representative design work Hi-Monster theme exhibition of Vans 50th Anniversary Commemoration, a collaborative TEE series by Asian artists, and a Vans X QQ Speed #The Take Over# Event themed exhibition. Fans were inspiried by the collision of different images in the exhibition. The artistic work YIN and YANG composed by Chinese visual artist ZINAN for House of Vans London engaged the viewers. Vans’ classic checkerboard design together with orange visual elements of QQ Speed were cleverly applied in the images in a unique instance of a collision of Chinese and western cultures. Moreover, the track themed QQ Speed was extending to the skateboard. Each skateboard was full of creative design elements, allowing fans at the park to understand the attraction of of skateboarding and artistic creativity.

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In the area of Art Workshop, the winning works of the 2017 Vans Asia Custom Culture Competition from six countries; China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and India arrived on-site, the wild design and freehand skills made fans from countries around the world shout-out with excitement. In order to stimulate the creative inspiration of the youth, Vans specially invited the final champion of the competition, Felix(Spoon) and his mentor Lin Wenxin, the One-Eye Dwarf (Wenxin Lin) to come to the park, sharing with viewers their love of Authentic shoe designs created on paper and DIY creativity displayed on real shoes. Enlightened by their mentor, fans wrote down their unusual and wonderful ideas on the paper, resulting in numerous splendid design works.

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After appreciating the wonderful skateboarding performance and artistic exhibition of various artists, viewers gathered in the tunnel-turned-cinema to enjoy various Asian style Vans series films. The rhythmic music together with the bold and exciting skateboarding images provided an eclectic audiovisual experience for fans. In addition, the youth wearing different colors and styles took photos to their hearts’ content at #The Take Over#self-timer photo area, as if they were on the shooting site of a Vans blockbuster. In the meantime, specialty catering is also a highlight of the event— bars and restaurants presented unforgettable experiences for visitors’ tastebuds after various restless interactive activities.

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As the final activity of the House of Vans event, Vans invited not only a blockbuster lineup of international musicians, but also the winning band of 2017 Vans#The Take Over# Musicians Wanted Competition to create a memorable music feast for visitors from London. Croox DJ took the lead to get on the stage, igniting the enthusiasm of the viewers instantly. Afterwards, Chinese acts The Hotline and Neo Retro alongside British emerging indie band Spring King took the stage, lighting it up with their passionate music, pushing the atmosphere to new heights.

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After the House of Vans London, Vans will continue to forge creative self-expression platforms in the areas of skateboarding, art and music, with the aim of using activities and entertainment to spread the Off The Wall spirit.