This year Vans Sk85ive2 celebrates its 3rd year running as a hub for Hong Kong skateboarding. Vans Sk85ive2 is a free entry indoor skate park, fully air conditioned for those insane summer days and HK’s notorious typhoons. Located on the 7th floor of an industrial building in the East of Kowloon Vans Sk85ive2 is one of a kind. Check Out our local riders rip the Vans Sk85ive2 park in our trick tip series “Learn This” bringing you a glimpse of skateboarding from Hong Kong as our riders show you there favorite ticks for you to get hyped on and learn!

Fakie 5-0  | Learn This | Chris Bradley – Vans Asia

Blunt Slide  | Learn This | Walking Chen – Vans Asia

Feeble Grind  | Learn This | Chun Chai – Vans Asia

Wallie  | Learn This | Piet Guilfoyle – Vans Asia

Blunt Fakie | Learn This | Walking Chen

No Comply | Learn This | Dani Bautista – Vans Asia

Nollie Frontside Noseslide | Learn This | Luk Chun Yin – Vans Asia

Backside Flip | Learn This | Chris Bradley – Vans Asia

Backside Tailslide | Learn This | Piet Guilfoyle – Vans Asia